Publication date: 16/03/2022

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MARTA LEANDRO DA MATA Internal Examiner *

Summary: The general objective of the research is to understand the process of planning and carrying out collaborative actions between librarians and teachers, oriented to information competence, in person and digital, of HEI libraries (public and private) located in Greater Vitória (ES). The theme is relevant for bringing to this discussion the pedagogical role of BU's, highlighting the professional librarian as an educator and for bringing as a reflection possibilities to develop collaborative practices and actions with
professors demonstrating the most varied possibilities inherent to the universe of university libraries and for being aligned with the thematic area of Information Science. The methodology applied was based on a type of bibliographic research, carried out in books, works and articles by authors and theorists who discuss the importance of the university library as a space for learning and competence in information and educational collaboration between librarian and teacher, contextualizing directly with the research objectives. Along with the bibliographic research, a systematic analysis of the literature was also carried out, using the Knowledge Development Process–Constructivist (Proknow-C) methodology. in information and the Teacher/Librarian
Collaboration Model (TLC) as a basis for the construction of some questions in the questionnaire, to verify the existence of collaborative work between teachers and librarians of HEIs. This research achieved its objectives, as it made it possible to verify, based on the problematization raised for the study, that actions oriented to collaborative practice between teacher and librarian are carried out, even if in a timid way without the existence of a continuous program of competence in information, the Actions and practices happen by some managers in a planned way in strategic planning with academic direction that extends to the coordination of courses and teachers, at other times by separate requests for lesson planning by the teacher and by traditional routine by the librarian.
Keywords: University library. Collaborative work. Library – learning space. Educator librarian. Proknow-C.

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