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  • The line of research "Culture, Mediation and Use of Information" research on the relationship between culture, culture and information and society in the institutional, scientific and educational. Its purpose is to study uses, practices and cultural representations, cultural mediation, multiculturalism, collaborative practices in the school environment, information competence and reading competence.

  • The line of research "Memory, Representation and Information" development of studies from theoretical and epistemological, articulating culture, preservation, memory, equity and document. Investigate the bases ontological aspects of representation and retrieval of of knowledge. It aims to address policies, institutions, agents, ways of thinking, in different configurations historical and social, for the bias of Information Science.

The program is based in Vitória-ES, offering the course of Masters Degree in Information Science since 2019 and has an academic qualification profile certified by CAPES, receiving 3 on its last evaluation.

The program already has 32 masters and counts with 27 students regularly enrolled, all of them being masters.

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