Publication date: 25/11/2022

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MARTA LEANDRO DA MATA Internal Examiner *

Summary: Observing that advanced reading practices, within the scope of the school
library, are contributions to student learning, one realizes the importance of
working with the social needs of their community, by showing, as the development of reading competence crossed by competence in information ,
can contribute to the social emancipation of the reader by developing skills and
techniques necessary for the critical use of information. In this regard, this
research proposes to work with the conceptual model on reading and
information skills that culminated in the proposition of a methodological
scheme for reading skills in school libraries, so that elementary school can be
attended to. As specific objectives, it is intended to discuss, within the scope
of Information Science and related areas, the theoretical-conceptual foundations of reading competence; consider the need to work with critical
reading, in the reference service, which leads to the ethical use of information
in the school library; give visibility to the conceptual model to support the
development of reading competence in the school library environment;
propose a methodological scheme, with educational, cultural and social
accompaniment, when considering the aid of new technologies for the
information area focused on the school library. This is a research with a
qualitative approach and, as for the objectives, it is proposed to carry out an
exploratory study, since its purpose is to contribute to the reading competence,
based on the proposition of a methodological scheme in the area of information
, awaiting this return to elementary school libraries. As operating procedures,
bibliographical research is used, which results in a conceptual and methodological scheme on reading competence.

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