Publication date: 23/03/2023

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Summary: It is a research focused on the theme of digitization, policy and records management,
and, in addition, the need to understand the political and technical-scientific dimensions
of the practices used in the digitization and records management at PROGER. The
objective is to investigate the digitization of documents in the Current Archive of the
Attorney General's Office of the Municipality of Cariacica (ES) in order to demonstrate
the benefits and speed in processes and document flows to obtain success in the
information that provide social return to the municipality. A descriptive qualitative study
was carried out, through a case study, documentary research, bibliographical research
and collection of evidence through semi-structured interviews. Data collected through
the public policy cycle methodology were also analyzed. It should be noted that the
information regime is used to support PROGER's documental practices, as legal norms
applied in government institutions (federal and state) are accepted through it, justifying
the use of relations between information, policy, access and preservation; in the
procedures involving the management and digitization of documents, considering the
purpose of speedy access and the protection and preservation of analogue archival
documents. It is concluded that document scanning practices need to be based on
archival policies, to guarantee access and long-term preservation of documents.
However, there was a need to formalize archival policies and information policies at the
institution. In this way, the importance of further research on the themes is evident,
especially with regard to archival policy and digital preservation.

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