Publication date: 27/03/2023

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Summary: Access to information in a planned and organized manner enables individuals to have
more autonomy and the criticality they need to search, select, and use information
throughout their lives. Therefore, it is essential that schools have a library that is
managed, organized, and a place that facilitates the teaching-learning process. Given
the above, this study has the general objective of analyzing the potential of school
libraries in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo State, crossing data with the results of the Ideb
(2019), of the 5th years of elementary school I, to investigate whether the library and
its respective services and activities offered by librarians have a relationship with the
score of the subject of Portuguese Language of the curriculum component that relates
to the score obtained by the school. In this sense the specific objectives are: describe
the activities that are developed to enhance reading, writing and interpretation of texts
that are necessary for the subject of Portuguese Language; present the collaborative
work of the librarian with the teacher; point out the role of the librarian as a mediator in
the teaching-learning process; demonstrate the impacts of the use of the library, in a
planned way, in the Ideb results. The research methodology adopted was exploratory
and documental, the analysis of the results was carried out with a qualitative and
quantitative approach and the case study of the library network of the Vila Velha
municipal government. A bibliographic survey was carried out in the Reference
Database of Journal Articles in Information Science (BRAPCI) and in the Brazilian
Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (BDTD), books, official documents and
norms in education and librarianship. As for the field research, a Google Forms
questionnaire was used as a data collection instrument. For data analysis, Bardin's
content analysis method was used. The results indicate that the library has relevance
in the teaching-learning process, however, for the use of the library to make sense and
bring learning, the collaborative work of the librarian with the teacher should be
planned, developing activities and projects that contribute to enhance what was
learned in the classroom, favoring the Ideb results.

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