Publication date: 24/03/2023

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Summary: The State of Espírito Santo has libraries specialized in state public administration bodies. This dissertation aims to map and identify these libraries, diagnose, seeking strengths and weaknesses of these institutions and reflect on how the Specialized Libraries of the State of Espírito Santo contribute to the access to information of public interest. A preliminary study was carried out looking for specialized libraries in the state public administration. For that, it uses the research of the descriptive exploratory
type, with qualitative approach. As for the methodological procedures, it uses mixed methodologies, operationalized by bibliographic, documentary and field research. The bibliographic and documentary research was developed in the Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship database, using documents available at the Rui Tendinha Library and state journals found in the digital newspaper library of the National Library. The literature review on the state of the art was carried out in the Information Science Database. As for the field research, it will be carried out through a questionnaire applied to the 60 institutions found in the preliminary study. The project will contribute to the observation of the evolution of the specialized library in public administration and reflect on its importance in accessing information of public interest.

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